South Florida Closets & Doors

How It Works in 3 Easy Steps

How It Works

1. Design
Meet with our design team to pick the perfect combination of door styles, hardware, and paint colors to fit your home and personal preference.
2. Scan
Our project coordinator will scan your existing door frames using 3D measuring technology to ensure a perfect fit. The doors you selected are then custom cut to the exact measurements and painted using our high tech automated system.
3. Install
We install your perfectly-sized doors in one day. Because there is no cutting required on the day of installation we don’t leave a mess behind. Clean, simple, fast. Don’t waste your time searching for generically sized interior doors. Our custom measured and cut doors save you time and money when searching for the perfect-fitting door. Our scanning technology gives you the opportunity to replace your doors for 50% less on average than you would pay at the leading home improvement stores.